Midwest Farmhouse Reviews Part 2

Rustic Farmhouse Queen Platform Bed
"The bed is very high quality and was easy to assemble by myself. It was packaged for shipment with extreme care, and the full set arrived well before the estimated delivery date. I will definitely buy furniture from this seller again."
-Amazon buyer

Rustic Farmhouse Platform Bed and Headboard
"We are really happy. Great quality for a good price. It is really sturdy. It was not hard to assemble. I think it looks very nice. If I did it over against I might request an additional board to make the backboard higher, but it does not appear awkward or lacking. 5 stars."
-Etsy buyer

Rustic Farmhouse Customer Reviews

Rustic Farmhouse Bunk Bed

"This is very heavy and sturdy. Looks wonderful.
Needs 2 people to put it together ."
-Amazon Buyer

Rustic Farmhouse Headboard

"this headboard was so easy to put together and I just love it"
-Amazon Buyer

Rustic Farmhosue Platform Bed & Headboard

"We are pretty happy with this bed frame. Easy to assemble and it is sturdy so no squeaks and movement."
-Amazon Buyer

Farmhouse Bunk Beds

Our farmhosue bunk beds are a great trendy option for an all wood bed.  They have a much more modern look than our log bunk beds and are versatile for various styles of homes.  Many bunk beds do not come with slats or supports for the mattress, but our farmhouse bunk beds come with slat rolls so that they are ready to use when you receive them.  We suggest about a 7 or 8 inch mattress, and the bunk levels will hold about 450 pounds each.  We offer three different options: rustic, torched, or unfinished which you can finish in stain or paint of your choice once you receive it.  These bunk beds are perfect for your home or cabin!

What Makes Farmhouse Style Furniture Trendy?

We love farmhouse style log furniture because it is easy to mix with other styles which makes it very versatile. You can use a couple pieces of farmhouse furniture throughout your house, or you can furnish your entire place with it.  It adds warmth to a room as well as character.  It also provides a unique texture without being too rustic for your personal taste because farmhouse style adds a touch of modern.  It gives your home the warmth and charm of a rustic space while keeping the convenience and style of a modern house.

Midwest Farmhouse Reviews Part 1

"Just the kind of bed frame I'd been looking for: simple design and impeccable quality at an affordable price."
-Etsy customer

"Great quality frame. Love the torched finish. Came earlier than expected. Thank you!"
-Etsy customer

"I absolutely love this bed. The solid wood construction is great and the finish is exactly as pictured. Ran into an issue with the assembly instructions and the customer service was responsive and quick to solve our issue. The construction guaranteed for the life of the bed is also so great. Highly recommend !"
-Etsy customer

"It is actually more beautiful in person. Love it. Excellent work and just what I wanted. Thank you!"
-Etsy customer

Reviews Part 2

"Bed frame was as expected and delivery was ahead of schedule, easy to assemble"
-Amazon Customer

"Look great and nice quality. Impressed for the price."
-Ebay Customer

"Nice table. I love the ease of putting it together!!! Very satisfied."
-Amazon Customer

"AWESOME service !!! EXCELLENT product and great quality !!"
-Ebay Customer

"This was my first time to order something like this online without really seeing it first. The bed arrived earlier then expected which was exciting. The bed was pretty easy to set up and was much prettier in person. There were 2 boards that go under the box spring that were too short but it was an easy fix. Overall I'm very satisfied with the product"
-Amazon Customer

"Fast shipping A++++"
-Ebay Customer


New Items For Sale!

Hi everyone,
We are going to start introducing some of our new pieces and reminding you of some of our old ones via our blog.  We want to point oiut some of our new items today!  Just recently, sofa tables and sofa end tables have been added to our collection.

Customer Reviews

"I bought two bunk beds from Midwest Log Furniture and they are absolutely gorgeous.  When we received the beds, the ladder for the top bunk was on the right side of the bunks and we needed them to be on the left side to fit in the space of the bedroom where they were both going.  It was probably my fault for not indicating what side I needed the ladder to be on.  I contacted Midwest and they immediately responded and they were very helpful and accommodating.  They sent out new posts within a few days.  Their customer service is outstanding and the quality of their product is excellent.  I would recommend them to everyone that is thinking of purchasing log furniture.  I researched log bunk beds for a number of months and their price is very competitive and after receiving and assembling the bunks, the bunks themselves are really beautiful.

WOOD JOINERY – Mortise & Tenon

The method of mortise & tenon has been used by woodworkers for thousands of years.  There are many variations of this method but the basic principle is inserting a tenon ”tongue” into a mortise ”hole and fastening the joint with some kind of fastener such as a nail, screw or bolt.  The result is a simple yet strong connection of two woods.  This method can be seen in the framework of many old buildings and barns.  In these structures the mortise and tenon joint generally follows the shape of the two pieces of wood being joined such as square, rectangular or wedge shaped.  In a similar way,

Midwest Log Furniture uses round mortise and tenon joints to connect each log of a log bed.  These joints are then held in place with a hidden screw to make a solid, long lasting bed frame.

WOOD JOINERY – The Dovetail

There are many techniques to joining wood.  Over the years, some techniques such as the dovetail joint have developed a reputation for quality and durability.  The dovetail joint is often used where strength is needed to join to pieces of wood coming together at a 90 degree angle such as a drawer, cabinet or box.  This joint provides an finger like overlapping of the two pieces of wood creating a strong esthetically pleasing wood joint. 

Midwest Log Furniture uses dovetail joints on its drawers to create a strong drawer that will last.